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Marine-grade aluminum refers to aluminum that can withstand long-term seawater corrosion, and marine-grade wrought aluminum alloys generally include aluminum-magnesium (Al-Mg) alloys and aluminum-magnesium-silicon (Al-Mg-Si) alloys.

What materials can be used to build ships?


Until the end of the 18th century, wood was the only material for building ships. Some people may think that wood is not as durable as steel, however, some wooden ships have a longer life than their successors – steel ships, and then aluminum sheet for boat.

5052 Aluminum Sheet For Boat

5052 Aluminum Sheet For Boat


Since the early 19th century, ship construction has gradually shifted from wood to steel. From the more common steel-wood hybrid structure with wooden panels and steel skeletons to 100% steel structure materials.

Until now, steel is still the most commonly used material in ship construction.

Aluminum Sheet For Boat

Aluminum Sheet For Boat

Aluminum and aluminum alloy materials

Pure aluminum is a very soft metal, but choosing the right elements to make it into an aluminum alloy can greatly increase its strength and hardness. At the same time, aluminum is also non-magnetic, making it a very suitable material for making minehunters.

Aluminum is not a precious metal, and a dense oxide film can be formed on the surface to protect the interior from corrosion. If chemical or ionization methods are used to remove this layer of oxide film, corrosion will occur in an instant.

In practical applications, the biggest advantage of aluminum is its light weight. It is generally used in the superstructure of passenger ships, mine hunting boats, high-speed light motor ships, and other parts of ships that require low weight and non-magnetic conduction, such as the wheelhouse of fishing boats and the steel structure around the standard magnetic compass of large ships.

Marine Grade Aluminum

Marine Grade Aluminum

What is Marine Grade Aluminum?

Marine-grade aluminum refers to aluminum that can withstand long-term seawater corrosion, and marine-grade wrought aluminum alloys generally include aluminum-magnesium (Al-Mg) alloys and aluminum-magnesium-silicon (Al-Mg-Si) alloys.

What are the benefits of using aluminum in marine applications?

Marine grade aluminum sheet has been specially developed for use in marine environments. As such, it has many of the features these applications require. Some of these properties include:

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Lightweight, high strength to weight ratio
  • Compatibility with various manufacturing processes
  • Extensive availability of sheets, extrusions and sheets
  • Properties of Aluminum for Marine Applications
  • There are many grades of marine aluminum, each with slightly different properties due to the alloying materials contained.

What are the most common types of aluminum alloys used in shipbuilding?

5 series marine aluminum plate

Alloy series 5xxx products are often used in shipbuilding because of their high seawater corrosion resistance. The specific alloy models are:

  • Alloy 5052 aluminum sheet
  • Alloy 5083 aluminum plate The commonly used states of 5083 aluminum plate are H116, H321, H112.
  • Alloy 5754 aluminum plate
6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet

6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet

6 series marine aluminum alloy

Alloy 6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet

Marine Grade Aluminum Pedals

Marine-grade aluminum pedals offer excellent slip resistance with a glossy finish.

  • 1 bar aluminum tread sheet
  • 5 bar aluminum tread sheet
5 Bar Aluminum Tread Sheet

5 Bar Aluminum Tread Sheet

Huawei Aluminum is a professional supplier of marine grade aluminum sheets, and the above types of marine aluminum sheets are our main products. Our aluminum sheets are resistant to seawater and harsh industrial chemical environments. Our aluminum sheets hold approvals from DNV, BV, ABS, LR and CCS classification societies.

What are the characteristics of marine grade aluminum?

5083 marine grade aluminum is ideal for applications requiring superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments. 5083 is the strongest non-heat treatable aluminum alloy and retains its strength even after welding.

5754 Its superior corrosion resistance makes 5754 ideal for use in the marine industry and other industrial applications with corrosive operating environments. Due to its high strength it is also suitable for flooring applications.

6061 aluminum is an all-around popular aluminum grade that is also commonly used in marine applications. It has very good corrosion resistance and is precipitation hardened. In most cases, these grades contain extra chromium and manganese to help protect them from corrosive marine conditions.

Where is marine grade aluminum used in ships?

5083, 5086, 5052 aluminum sheets can be used for ship sides and bottoms. The excellent corrosion resistance of the 5-series alloy can better resist seawater erosion and prolong the service life of the ship.

3004, 3003 and 5052 aluminum plates can be used for the top plate and side plate of the ship. The 3003 aluminum plate has good anti-rust effect and can withstand the damage caused by long-term wind and rain.

The cab can be made of 5083 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate. The aluminum plate is non-magnetic and will not affect the compass, ensuring that the ship is heading in the correct direction.

Generally speaking, the thickness of aluminum plates for ships is determined by the hull structure, ship specifications and use parts. Considering the light weight of the hull, thin plates are generally used as much as possible, but the depth of corrosion of the plates during use should also be considered.

Commonly used are thin plates above 1.6mm and thick plates such as 30mm aluminum plates. Some special specifications are also used under shipyard contracts.

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