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Traffic signs are one of the common applications of aluminum plates. Due to their low density and strong corrosion resistance, aluminum plates are widely used in the field of outdoor signs;

Aluminum sheet for traffic sign

Traffic signs are one of the common applications of aluminum plates. Due to their low density and strong corrosion resistance, aluminum plates are widely used in the field of outdoor signs;

Aluminum Sheet For Traffic Sign

Aluminum Sheet For Traffic Sign

Common grades of signage aluminum plate

Generally, the more conventional 1060 aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, and 3004 aluminum plate are used, and different changes are made according to the different processes of the aluminum plate. However, these three belong to several types of signs that are more common in sign aluminum plates.

3003 H24 Aluminum Sheet

3003 H24 Aluminum Sheet

Nine factors of aluminum plates for traffic signs

  • 1: The aluminum plate has high compressive strength and is not easy to rust. The electrophoresis principle layer imitates the enamel process to produce a permanent coating.
  • 2: Environmental protection self-cleaning, the polyester black powder coating used by the manufacturer of traffic signs and signs makes the guardrail products have a good self-cleaning effect, the appearance of the products is bright, no dust, precipitation washing and high-pressure water gun cleaning can be as bright as New mouth.
  • 3: The color wins the colorful rainbow, and the production and production of the reliable signboard is powder-coated. The aluminum plate is bright and durable.
  • 4: The installation is simple, and the unique installation method of the traffic sign production aluminum plate only needs a screwdriver to complete the installation without welding.
  • 5. The traffic signs are made of aluminum plates, which can be freely assigned in color, bright in color, smooth in appearance, high in compressive strength, strong in ductility, anti-corrosion, anti-static, non-fading, non-cracking, etc.
  • 6. The use of Aluminum sheet plate for traffic signs is a new type of welding-free assembly design. Compared with traditional iron traffic signs, the equipment is more convenient and the appearance is more beautiful.
  • 7. Electrostatic powder spraying is applied to the surface treatment of traffic signs, so that the products can be self-washed and upgraded, and they can be as bright as new after being washed by rainwater and high-pressure water guns.
  • 8. The aluminum plate traffic sign is a square steel fence gate assembled by electrostatic powder spraying after a hot-dip galvanized square tube punching machine. It is fixed with a butt U-shaped card and an anti-theft nut and a steel beam. The service life reaches several ten years.
  • 9. The price is affordable and economical.
Various Traffic Signs

Various Traffic Signs

Processing technology of traffic sign aluminum plate

  • 1. Made of aluminum plate for traffic signs: The traffic signs are made of aluminum alloy plates, and we use meter rulers and vernier calipers for accurate measurement. The allowable error of the size of the aluminum plate is ± mm, if the size of the aluminum plate exceeds 1.2 meters, the allowable error is ±0.5% of its size.
  • 2. Manufacture of signboard aluminum trough: use meter ruler and vernier caliper to inspect the formed aluminum trough, the thickness tolerance should be & plusmn; 0.3mm, and weigh the aluminum trough.
  • 3. Traffic sign reflective stickers: The reflective stickers used have no cracks, wrinkles, edge separation, uneven colors, etc.
  • 4. Finished product label inspection: After the label is completed, inspect it to see if there are any damages such as cracks, wrinkles, edge separation, obvious bubbles, scratches, etc. Pit or deformation.

What is common aluminum sheet for traffic sign

Specifications of aluminum alloy profile road signs and Aluminum sheet for traffic sign:
The basic specifications refer to the common specifications in the market. For example, customers who install on urban roads or highways and national roads need to apply for relevant approval procedures before they can be manufactured.

Traffic Sign

Traffic Sign

  • (1) Ring sign: Φ60b250m, Φ80b250m, Φ0mm;
  • (2) Triangle: Δ70b250m, Δ90b250m, Δ110b250m;
  • (3) Large and medium-sized guide signs: 2440*1222mm, 3000*150b250m, 3000*200b250m, 3500*200b250m, 4000*200b250m, 4000*240b250m, 4000*260b250m, 4800*280b250m, etc. custom made.

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