3003 aluminium circle

The properties of 3003 aluminum circle make it ideal for use in multiple markets including the cookware, automotive and lighting industries

3003 aluminium circle

  • Product name: 3003 aluminium circle
  • آلیاژ: 3003, 3004
  • سختی: O, اچ۱۲, H14, اچ۱۶, H18
  • ضخامت: 0.012″ – 0.39″ (0.3میلی متر – 10میلی متر)
  • Diameter: 3.94″ – 49.2″ (100mm-1250mm)
  • ازدیاد طول: 35%-38%
  • تحمل: ±1%
  • سطح: جلا, روشن, آنودایز, Coated or Uncoated

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3003 Aluminium Circle Overview

The manganese content of 3xxx series aluminum products is between 1.0-1.5, which is very effective in preventing rust and corrosion.

این 3003 alloy is the representative of the 3xxx series, so the 3003 aluminium circle has excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion and forming properties. Now it is mainly used for aluminum pots, aluminum cans/bottles, aluminum bowls, rice cooker liner, road signs, lampshade, electric kettle, و غیره.

Specifically, در مقایسه با 1000 series alloy aluminum circle, 3003 aluminium circle provides better strength and corrosion resistance, so it is more common in some high-end cookware, such as pressure cookers, rice cookers, و غیره. You can use it in a humid environment.

آلومینیوم 3003 Circles Supplier

آلومینیوم 3003 Circles Supplier


  • Product name: 3003 aluminium circle
  • آلیاژ: 3003, 3004
  • سختی: O, اچ۱۲, H14, اچ۱۶, H18
  • ضخامت: 0.012″ – 0.39″ (0.3میلی متر – 10میلی متر)
  • Diameter: 3.94″ – 49.2″ (100mm-1250mm)
  • ازدیاد طول: 35%-38%
  • تحمل: ±1%
  • سطح: جلا, روشن, آنودایز, Coated or Uncoated

ترکیب آلیاژی از 3003 آلومینیوم

آلیاژ آلومینیوم فلز مس اهن منگنز سیلیکون فلز روی دیگران
3003 96.8 به 99% 0.05 به 0.20% 0.7% حداکثر 1.0 به 1.5% 0.6% حداکثر 0.1% حداکثر 0.15% حداکثر

3003 aluminum circle mechanical properties

آلیاژ خلق و خوی Specified thickness(MM) استحکام کششی(MPa) قدرت عملکرد(MPa)
3003 0 0.2 – 0.8 120-135 ≧16
0.8-1.5 110-130 ≧17
1.5 – 3.0 95 – 120 ≧20
H22/H12 0.2 – 0.8 140-175 ≧6
0.8 – 1.5 135 – 170 ≧7
1.5 – 3.0 125 – 155 ≧8
H24/H14 0.2 – 0.8 140 – 175 ≧6
0.8 – 1.5 135-170 ≧7
1.5-3.0 125-155 ≧8
H26/H16 0.2 – 0.8 190-220 ≧2
0.8-1.5 180-205 ≧3
1.5-3.0 170-190 ≧5
H18 0.2 – 3.0 >185 ≧2

As a 3003 aluminium circle manufacturer, what are our advantages?

  • Huawei Aluminum is a professional aluminum circle factory for cookware, and has more than 20 years of experience in exporting to Africa, Asia, و آمریکای جنوبی.
  • Free samples
  • Aluminium round with smooth surface and smooth edges
  • Excellent drawing quality
  • Grain size is tightly controlled to minimize theorange peel effect”. این “orange peel effectis a rough surface, like the surface of an orange peel, which usually occurs after deep drawing. Huawei strictly controls chemistry and heat treatment to maximize the elongation of the material.
  • Wide range of size options, including custom shapes and sizes.
  • Anodized surfaces can be provided upon customer request.
  • well protected packaging
  • Professional quality inspection certificate
  • We have an experienced team to provide you with the best after-sales service.

aluminum circle manufacturer

aluminum circle manufacturer

Countries and regions where our customers come from

We mass produce 3003 aluminium disc CC and DC material for the manufacture of pans, pressure cookers, rice cookers, road signs, و غیره. Below is the list of countries for cooperation and export.

Asia: عربستان سعودی, عمان, کویت, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, مالزی, بنگلادش, تایلند, سنگاپور, سری لانکا, استرالیا, کره جنوبی

Africa: Burkina Faso, غنا, Kenya, Guatemala, Togo, نیجریه, آفریقای جنوبی

3003 Aluminium Circle

3003 Aluminium Circle

ویژگی های عملکردی 3003 aluminium disc

  • High strength and corrosion resistance
  • Low anisotropy, excellent drawing and spinning quality.
  • 3003 aluminum disc has good cold forming characteristics, elongation between 35%-38%, good stability and high cost performance.
  • High reflectivity, good for polishing
  • High and uniform thermal spread
  • Good quality anodizing, suitable for hard anodizing and enamel.

3003 aluminum circle product application

The properties of 3003 aluminium circle make it ideal for use in multiple markets including the cookware, automotive and lighting industries, including:

1. Cooking utensils: baking pan, soup pot, frying pan, teapot, pressure cooker, pizza pan, rice cooker

2. Lighting accessories: downlights, laminated lights, lampshades for street lights, و غیره.

3. Signs and building materials: علائم ترافیک, دیوارهای پرده ای, سقف ها

Aluminum Circle for Cookware

Aluminum Circle for Cookware

فرایند ساخت

Aluminum Ingot/Master AlloyAluminum Furnace—ورق آلومینیومی—Hot Rolling (Direct Casting) or Cold Rolling (Cold Casting)—StampingAnnealing FurnaceFinal Inspection—بسته بندی– deliver goods

3003 aluminum circle production video

چه فرقی با هم دارند 1050 و 3003 aluminum circles?

It’s hard to tell apart from the outside, but there’s actually a difference.

اول, there are differences in mechanical content and properties.

1050 aluminum circle is pure aluminum, containing more than 99.5% آلومینیوم, mainly used for ordinary cookware, lampshade

این 3003 aluminium circle is an aluminum-manganese alloy. With better corrosion resistance strength and mechanical properties, it is mainly used for some products with high strength, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance requirements, such as pressure cookers, rice cookers, و غیره.

Aluminum Circle 3003

Aluminum Circle 3003

دومین, the difference is price and cost

There are many overlaps in the application of the two, and the same product can use 1050 و 3003.

Customers should choose the right alloy according to their specific needs. مثلا, the kitchen utensils of 3003 aluminum circle are relatively hard, and the lampshade of 3003 is relatively corrosion-resistant.

با این حال, where hardness and corrosion resistance are not critical, 1050 aluminum circle are a better choice because of their lower cost.

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