Aluminum Circle

Aluminum circle edge

Aluminium Disc Circle For Lamp

Common aluminium disc circle for lamps are 1050-O, 1060-O, 1100-O, itp., because the lampshade is obtained by stamping aluminum discs, and the O-state aluminum discs have better ductility and are more suitable for stamping treatment;

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3003 aluminum disc

3003 aluminium circle

The properties of 3003 aluminum circle make it ideal for use in multiple markets including the cookware, automotive and lighting industries

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1100 Aluminium disc thickness measurement

1100 Aluminium Circle

Our company has established a quality supervision department and an aluminum laboratory to control the quality of products that will be exported to other countries. The central laboratory is equipped with the world's top aluminum product manufacturing equipment.

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Aluminum Extrusions Circle Alloy 1060 High Quality

1060 Aluminium Circle

As one of the main aluminium circle manufacturers in the Chinese market, our aluminium circle are made with the best raw materials and machinery, the main products include 1000 seria, 3000 seria, 5000 serii i 8000 seria, with an output of more than 5000 tons/month

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1050 Aluminum Circle CC DC

1050 aluminum circle

Huawei Aluminum aluminum discs are widely exported to Ghana, Guatemala, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Togo, Kenya, Nigeria, Afryka Południowa, Morocco and other African countries; the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwejt, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nation.

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