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4×10 Aluminum Sheet

  • Alloy: 1000,3000,5000,6000,8000,etc.
  • Width: 4 foot (1220mm)
  • Length: 10 foot (3050mm)
  • Thickness: 0.4mm – 20mm
  • Temper: O, H18, H14, H22, H24, T6, T651, etc.
  • Surface: PE, PVDF, Embossed, etc.
  • Certification: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015

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What is 4×10 aluminum sheet

4×10 aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum sheet that 4 feet width and 10 feet length. The “4×10” notation indicates the dimensions of the sheet.

4X10 Aluminum Sheet

4×10 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum sheets are commonly used in various industries and applications due to their lightweight, corrosion-resistant properties. The thickness of the 4×10 aluminum sheet can be customized according to the user’s application.

Altname of 4×10 aluminum sheet

4×10 aluminum sheet 4′ x 10′ Aluminum Sheet 4ft x 10ft Aluminum Sheet
1220mm x 3050mm Aluminum Sheet 48″ x 120″ Aluminum Sheet 4 by 10 aluminum sheet
4×10 aluminum plate 4×10 aluminum panel

The difference between 4×10 aluminum sheet and 4×8 aluminum sheet

The difference between a 4×10 aluminum sheet and a 4×8 aluminum sheet lies in their dimensions, specifically their length.

4×10 aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum sheet that measures 4 feet in width and 10 feet in length. This size is commonly used in various applications, including construction, manufacturing, and industrial projects where a larger surface area is required.

On the other hand, 4×8 aluminum sheet has the same width of 4 feet but a shorter length of 8 feet. This size is also widely used and is often more readily available compared to the 4×10 option. It is commonly used in applications such as transportation, signage, and architectural projects.

The choice between a 4×10 and a 4×8 aluminum sheet depends on the specific requirements of the project, including the desired surface area and the availability of the particular size needed.

Other Sizes

5×10 Aluminum Sheet

4×8 Aluminum Sheet

4×10 Aluminum Sheet

What are the alloys of common 4×10 aluminum sheets

Here are some common alloys of aluminum sheets that are available in the 4×10 size:

3003: This is an alloy that is widely used for general purposes, such as packaging, cooking utensils, and architectural applications. It has good corrosion resistance, formability, and weldability.

5052: This alloy is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in marine environments. It is often used in transportation, marine, and structural applications.

6061: This alloy is one of the most versatile and commonly used aluminum alloys. It offers good strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance. It is utilized in a wide range of applications, including structural components, machinery parts, and aerospace components.

7075: This alloy is a high-strength aluminum alloy known for its excellent mechanical properties and resistance to fatigue. It is commonly used in aerospace, defense, and high-stress applications where strength and durability are crucial.

Please note that the availability of specific alloys in the 4×10 size may vary depending on the supplier or manufacturer. It’s always recommended to check with the supplier or consult product catalogs to determine the exact alloys available in the desired size.

For more aluminum alloy information, please visit:https://alufoil.cn/

The thickness of the 4′ x 10′ Aluminum Sheet

The thickness of an aluminum sheet is typically specified separately from its dimensions. However, here are some common thicknesses available for 4′ x 10′ Aluminum Sheets:

  • 0.032 inches (0.81 mm)
  • .040 aluminum sheet 4×10 (1.02 mm)
  • 0.050 inches (1.27 mm)
  • 0.063 inches (1.60 mm)
  • 0.080 inches (2.03 mm)
  • 0.090 inches (2.29 mm)
  • 4×10 1/8 aluminum sheet (3.18 mm)
  • 0.190 inches (4.83 mm)
  • 0.250 inches (6.35 mm)

Huawei 4×10 aluminum diamond sheet

4×10 aluminum diamond sheet refers to specific size aluminum sheet that has a diamond pattern embossed or raised on the surface. The diamond pattern consists of raised diamond-shaped projections, which provide increased traction and anti-slip properties, making it suitable for various applications where slip resistance is desired.

Diamond aluminum sheets are commonly used in applications such as flooring, stairs, ramps, truck beds, and decorative purposes. The diamond pattern not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides structural strength and durability to the sheet.

Similar to other aluminum sheets, the thickness of a 4×10 aluminum diamond sheet can vary depending on the specific requirements and intended application. Common thicknesses for aluminum diamond sheets range from 0.063 inches (1.60 mm) to 0.125 inches (3.18 mm).

4×10 painted sheet aluminum

4×10 painted sheet aluminum refers to an aluminum sheet with a size of 4×10 whose surface has been sprayed or rolled;

The paint or coating is applied to the surface of the aluminum sheet to provide various benefits such as enhanced aesthetics, corrosion resistance, and protection against environmental elements.

Black 4 X 10 Aluminum Sheet

Black 4 X 10 Aluminum Sheet

The colors of 4×10 painted sheet aluminum we can provide are:

  • Black 4×10 aluminum sheet
  • White 4×10 aluminum sheet
  • Blue 4×10 aluminum sheet
  • Red aluminum sheet of 4×10
  • Gold aluminum sheet of 4×10

How much does a 4×10 sheet of aluminum weigh

4×10 aluminum sheet not only sells well, but also has a wide range of uses, so how do we know how much does a 4×10 sheet of aluminum weight when buying 4×10 aluminum sheet?

White 4X10 Aluminum Sheet

White 4×10 Aluminum Sheet

Let’s take the 040 4×10 aluminum sheet as an example to calculate the weight of the aluminum sheet

The weight of a 4×10 aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.040 inches (or 1.02 mm) can be calculated using the density of aluminum and the dimensions of the sheet.

The density of aluminum is approximately 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³) or 0.0975 pounds per cubic inch (lb/in³).

To calculate the weight, we first convert the thickness to the same unit as the dimensions:

Thickness: 0.040 inches = 0.040 / 12 feet = 0.00333 feet.

Next, we calculate the volume of the sheet:

Volume = Width x Length x Thickness = 4 feet x 10 feet x 0.00333 feet = 0.1332 cubic feet.

1 cubic feet = 1728 cubic inch

Volume = 230.17 cubic inch

Now, we can determine the weight:

Weight = Volume x Density = 230.17 cubic inch x 0.0975 lb/in³ = 22.44 pounds.

To convert the imperial unit pound to the metric unit kg, just put 1pound = 0.45359237 kg into the formula

22.44 pounds = 10.16kg

Therefore, a 4×10 aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.040 inches has an approximate weight of 22.44 pounds or 10.16kg.

Application of 4×10 aluminum sheet

4×10 aluminum sheet has a variety of applications across different industries. Here are some common applications:

Construction and Architecture: 4×10 aluminum sheets can be used for architectural cladding, roofing, and siding, providing a lightweight and durable solution. They are also used in structural applications such as beams, columns, and supports.

4 By 10 Aluminum Sheet For Construction

4 By 10 Aluminum Sheet For Construction

Transportation: Aluminum sheets find use in the transportation industry for manufacturing truck beds, trailer floors, and body panels. The lightweight nature of aluminum helps improve fuel efficiency and payload capacity.

Marine and Offshore: Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum sheets are commonly used in marine and offshore applications. They are employed for boat hulls, decks, bulkheads, and other components that require resistance to saltwater and harsh marine environments.

Industrial Equipment: Aluminum sheets are utilized in various industrial equipment and machinery, such as conveyor systems, storage tanks, and platforms. Their strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of fabrication make them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Signage and Displays: Aluminum sheets are frequently used for signage, billboards, and display panels. The flat, smooth surface allows for easy printing and mounting of graphics.

Decorative and Architectural Elements: Aluminum sheets can be used for decorative purposes in interior design and architectural projects. They can be shaped, textured, or painted to create unique facades, wall panels, ceilings, and decorative features.

These are just a few examples of the applications for 4×10 aluminum sheets. The versatility, strength, and corrosion resistance of aluminum make it a popular choice across industries where lightweight, durable, and aesthetically appealing materials are required.

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