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Common aluminium disc circle for lamps are 1050-O, 1060-O, 1100-O, etc., because the lampshade is obtained by stamping aluminum discs, and the O-state aluminum discs have better ductility and are more suitable for stamping treatment;

Aluminium Disc Circle For Lamp

  • Alloy: 1050、1060、1100
  • Tempering: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32,H111,H112
  • Thickness: 0.50-6.50mm
  • Diameter: customization
  • Size: can be produced according to customer requirements
  • Packing: Standard export wooden pallet or as customer’s request

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What is aluminum lamp

Lamp is a kind of cover that can gather light.Aluminium disc circle for lamp. It is usually used in industry and household. Aluminum lamp is more common because aluminum metal has strong reflection ability, light weight and corrosion resistance;
Aluminum Lamp

Aluminum lamp

What kind of aluminum disc is for lamp

Alloy of aluminum circle

Common aluminum disc alloys for lamps are 1050-O, 1060-O, 1100-O, etc., because the lampshade is obtained by stamping aluminum discs, and the O-state aluminum discs have better ductility and are more suitable for stamping treatment;
1050-O/H12/H14/H16/H18/H111/H112 Aluminum Circle
1060-O/H12/H14/H16/H18/H111/H112 Aluminum Circle
1100-O/H12/H14/H16/H18/H111/H112 Aluminum Circle

Size of aluminum circle

The size of the aluminum disc depends on the size of the lamp, and the size of the disc required for different shapes of lamp;

Aluminium Disc Circle For Lamp

Aluminium Disc Circle For Lamp

Thickness of aluminum circle

The diameter of the aluminum disc determines the diameter of the lamp. However, the thickness of the aluminum disc determines the depth of the lamp to a certain extent. The larger the depth of the lampshade, the thicker the circle is required, because in the process of spinning It will make the disc thinner, so thicker aluminum discs can be punched deeper;

Aluminum discs provided by Huawei

Huawei is a professional manufacturer of aluminum wafers. The aluminum wafers we provide have the following characteristics:

  • 1. Precise size control and small error range;
  • 2. The surface quality is high, without obvious scratches, oil stains, air oxidation, black spots, etc.;
  • 3. The edge, the edge is smooth and smooth, without burrs;
  • 4. The grain size and elongation of the waterproof membrane are excellent, which ensures the excellent deep drawing processing and stamping characteristics of the lampshade aluminum disc, and reasonably avoids the conditions that will occur in the middle and late work, such as metal wire drawing, pleats, and ear making. Hidden danger;
  • 5. Packaging, complete packaging, waterproof, moisture-proof and bump-proof;
  • 6. Delivery time, with a large amount of inventory, the delivery time is short;

Why Use Aluminum Circle for Lamp

Aluminum is a light and durable metal, so it is often used to make a variety of products. For lamp shades, using aluminum has several advantages:

Lightweight: Compared with other metals, aluminum has a lower density, so the lampshade can be lighter and easier to install and handle.

Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist oxidation, corrosion and other forms of damage, so aluminum lampshades can be used indoors and outdoors and have a long life.

High strength: Although aluminum is light, it is very strong. Therefore, the aluminum lampshade can withstand the impact and pressure of daily use and handling.

Ease of machining: Aluminum is easy to cut, drill and punch, so lampshades can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to meet different design needs.

Good heat dissipation: Aluminum has good heat dissipation, so the aluminum lampshade can effectively dissipate heat, avoid overheating of the lamp, and prolong the service life of the lamp.

Classification of aluminum discs for lamp

In addition to the difference in alloy and size, the aluminium disc circle for lamp can also be distinguished according to the performance and processing effect: ordinary aluminum discs, anodized aluminum discs, color-coated aluminum discs, brushed aluminum discs, etc.
The lamp made of aluminum discs with different surface processes have different effects:

Aluminum discs types Final Products Products Image
Aluminum discs without surface treatment aluminum lamp Aluminum Lamp
Anodized aluminum disc Anodized aluminium lamp Anodized Aluminium Lamp
Brushed aluminum disc Brushed aluminium lamp Brushed Aluminium Lamp
Color coated aluminum disc Colored aluminum lamp Colored Aluminum Lamp

Packaging of aluminum discs for lamp

The correct packaging method of aluminum discs is conducive to transportation. The packaging of aluminum discs should be based on the specifications and sizes of the products. The packing box and packaging method should be selected.
For box-type packaging, the product cannot be crushed or moved after packing. The making material of packing box can be materials such as wood board, plywood, fibreboard, metal.
The packing box should be clean and tidy, and have enough strength to ensure that it will not be deformed or damaged during storage and transportation.

Plastic Coated Aluminum Disc

Plastic coated aluminum dis


  • After the aluminum disc product passes the inspection and is covered with inspection stamps, it should be wrapped with a layer of strong neutral or weakly acidic material, and the joints should be sealed with tape or labels;
  • Put a soft pad on the end face to protect the end face of the aluminum disc;
  • Add desiccant, put on a plastic bag, put the part of the two ends of the plastic bag beyond the aluminum disc into the tube core, seal it with a suitable size plastic plug and put it into the packing box;
  • After the product is packed, cover it with a layer of moisture-proof paper or plastic cloth, and put the packing list before adding the cover and sealing the box with steel tape. The steel tape should be tied firmly;
  • The nails in the wooden packing box are arranged step by step, and the nail tips should not be exposed, and should be turned upside down to prevent the nail caps and nail tips from hurting the aluminum foil during storage and transportation;
  • The height of the bottom bracket should meet the requirements of forklift transportation;

Packaged Aluminum Discs

Packaged Aluminium Disc Circle For Lamp

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