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Cable aluminum foil, also known as aluminum foil for cable, refers to a specific type of aluminum foil that is used in the manufacturing of cables and wires.

Cable aluminum foil

  • Product: Cable aluminum foil
  • Width: 10mm to 1000mm
  • Length: customized
  • Thickness: 0.01mm to 0.05mm
  • Thickness tolerance: ± 5%.
  • Tempering: O

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What is cable aluminum foil

Cable aluminum foil, also known as aluminum foil for cable, refers to a specific type of aluminum foil that is used in the manufacturing of cables and wires.

Cable Aluminum Foil

Cable Aluminum Foil

In cable production, aluminum foil is often used as a shielding material. It is wrapped around the inner core or conductor of the cable to provide protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). The aluminum foil acts as a barrier, preventing external signals from interfering with the transmission of electrical signals within the cable.

Advantages of aluminum foil for cable

Shielding: The aluminum foil acts as a barrier to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). It helps to protect cables and other electronic components from external electromagnetic signals that may cause interference or disrupt their functioning.

Insulation: Aluminum foil tape can provide thermal insulation by reflecting heat. It is often used to wrap and seal air ducts, pipes, and cables to prevent heat loss or gain, improving energy efficiency.

Moisture and vapor barrier: The aluminum foil layer provides a moisture and vapor barrier, helping to protect cables and other components from moisture, condensation, and environmental factors.

Conductivity: Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity, so the foil layer can enhance the conductivity of the tape, making it useful in grounding applications.

Cable Shielding Aluminum Foil

Cable Shielding Aluminum Foil

Specification of Cable aluminum foil

Specification Description
Material Aluminum foil
Thickness Typically ranging from 0.01mm to 0.05mm
Width Varies, commonly available in 10mm to 1000mm
Length Varies, typically supplied in rolls or spools
Alloy Typically made from high-purity aluminum alloys
Conductivity High electrical conductivity
Shielding Effectiveness Provides effective EMI and RFI shielding
Surface Treatment Can be plain, coated, or laminated
Adhesive Layer May have a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side
Flexibility Thin and flexible for easy application
Packaging Often supplied in rolls or spools

Why use aluminum foil wrapping cable

Industrial sites often harbor intricate electromagnetic noise environments, where the propagation or transmission of such noise can profoundly disrupt the smooth operation of electromechanical equipment. Amidst this intricate interplay, one prominent source of electromagnetic noise manifests in the diverse cables employed in production line equipment.

8011-O Cable Aluminum Foil

8011-O Cable Aluminum Foil

The aluminum foil used for cable shielding is typically thin and lightweight, ensuring flexibility and easy application during the cable manufacturing process. It is made of high-quality aluminum with excellent conductivity properties to ensure efficient shielding performance.

Cable aluminum foil plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and reliability of electrical signals in cables, particularly in applications where signal quality and data transmission are critical, such as in telecommunications, networking, and audio/video cables.

Commonly alloys of Cable aluminum foil

The common temper of aluminum foil used for Cable aluminum foil is O

Cable aluminum foil Other applications

Building insulation

Efficient wall insulation saves costs and floor space A foil-base insulation layer can avoid the need for an inner brick skin. The inner surface is an insulated framed dry lining. A foil-foam lining reduced the wall thickness and maximised the available floorspace in an apartment building.

Maximising available light

Alufoil laminate doesn’t only help to keep temperatures under control, the highly reflective surface can make the most of available and artificial light – an added cost saving.

Pipework insulation

Pre-formed phenolic resin pipework insulation with a protective coat of alufoil. Adding to the insulation, the foil also protects the surface of the plastic from damage.

Aluminum Foil For Pipework Insulation

Aluminum Foil For Pipework Insulation

Adhesive tapes

Highly reflective and durable alufoil adhesive tape is available in widths up to 30 cm. As well as efficiently joining insulation materials in, for example, pipework installations, self adhesive alufoil may beused for small scale tasks such as RF screening in electronic equipment etc.

Health and safety

Insulation is not just for buildings. This fast ferrycar deck is lined with an insulating and fire resistant alufoil composite, so enhancing passenger, vehicle and vessel safety. Roof insulation going into place on a large warehouse project. The work is fast and efficient and poses no occupational health problems – no need for special protective clothing or other safety measures.

Ensuring efficient cabling

In communication cables, aluminium foil gives long-term insulation against moisture and attack from naturally occurring corrosive elements found above and below the ground. Aluminium foil also acts as an insulator against the magnetic and radio frequency fields associated with metal electrical cables.

As a sheath for fibre-optic cables, aluminium foil’s electrical conductivity enables the testing of the integrity of cablelinks.

Packaging of cable aluminum foil

Packaging Of Cable Aluminum Foil

Packaging Of Cable Aluminum Foil

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