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Perforated aluminum sheets are made by aluminum sheets that have been machined with round holes (or other designs). The holes can be in line or staggered to increase the number of openings.

Perforated Aluminum Sheet

  • Alloy: 1050/1060/1100/3003/3105/5005/5052/6061, etc.
  • Hole pattern: Round holes, square holes, slot holes, hexagonal holes, any decorative pattern or text.
  • Applications: Commonly used in interior and exterior design, HVAC, noise control, sunscreen, building exteriors, ceilings, furniture, shielding and fencing, etc.

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What is perforated aluminum sheet?

Perforated aluminum sheet is the use of a CNC punch or CNC engraving machine to punch or drill holes of different shapes and sizes in an aluminum sheet to combine different shapes and provide aesthetic appeal.

Perforated aluminum sheets are made by aluminum sheets that have been machined with round holes (or other designs). The holes can be in line or staggered to increase the number of openings.

Aluminum is a lightweight, high-performance alloy and is the most commonly used material when making perforated metal. It is easier to manufacture and offers higher ductility than perforated steel and stainless steel sheets.

Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum perforated panels bring a modern design element to architectural designs and are durable.

Material grade: aluminum, 1050/1060/1070/3003/5005/6061 aluminum, etc.

Available hole types: round, square, slotted, hexagonal, any decorative pattern or text.

Available Finishes: Original, Powder Coated, Fluorocarbon Coated, Anodized.

Thickness range: 0.5mm – 4mm.

Amazing perforated aluminum sheet manufacturing line of huawei aluminum

What are the advantages of perforated aluminum sheet?

The oxide layer formed by the reaction of perforated aluminum sheet with the atmosphere, perforated aluminum has strong corrosion resistance. Compared to metals such as steel, nickel, brass, and copper, it is a relatively light metal and fairly ductile.

It is available in a variety of surface finishes and is highly reflective to heat and light. For most applications, perforated aluminum sheet does not require a protective coating, but is usually anodized to improve color and strength.

Perforated Aluminum Sheet For Audio

Perforated Aluminum Sheet For Audio

Aluminum perforated sheets are very useful at low temperatures. At sub-zero temperatures, it increases in strength while maintaining ductility. Aluminum alloy sheets lose some of their strength when the temperature exceeds 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Huawei Decorative Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Is there a lightweight durable and decorative metal product with holes of various sizes? That’s aluminum perforated sheet.

Whether your project requires perforations for enhanced aesthetics, drainage, light control, acoustic elements or privacy applications, aluminum perforated panels combine high-end design and functionality for interior and exterior designs.

Decorative Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Decorative Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Perforated aluminum panels have been standard in many commercial developments for some time now. Besides adding a design element to a building, there are many other benefits of using perforated aluminum panels. They are also becoming increasingly popular in residential development and construction.

The standard size of perforated aluminum sheet provided by Warwick Aluminium is 2440mm x 1220mm, and custom sheets with borders are also available. There are many different designs, from standard round holes to diamonds, crosses, squares and more. We accept custom stamped aluminum sheets of any size, thickness, alloy and pass.

Size of Perforated Aluminum Sheet

We offer aluminum perforated sheets in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, alloys and hole patterns, the most common is 4×8 aluminum sheet, the following is the size table of our stock perforated aluminum sheet.

Stock perforated aluminum sheet of hauwei

Width Length Thickness Hole Diameter Pitch Center to Center
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 0.7mm 3mm 5mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.5mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.0mm 3mm 5mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.0mm 4mm 7mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.2mm 3mm 5mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.2mm 4mm 7mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.2mm 6mm 10mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.2mm 8mm 12mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.2mm 10mm 15mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.5mm 3mm 5mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.5mm 6mm 10mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.5mm 8mm 12mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.5mm 10mm 15mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 1.5mm 12mm 18mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 2.0mm 3mm 5mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 2.0mm 6mm 10mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 2.0mm 8mm 12mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 2.0mm 10mm 15mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 2.0mm 15mm 21mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 2.0mm 20mm 30mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 3.0mm 3mm 5mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 3.0mm 6mm 10mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 3.0mm 10mm 15mm
4′ (1,219mm) 8′ (2,438mm) 3.0mm 12mm 18mm

Advantages of perforated aluminum sheet

Aluminum perforated sheets are available in full and cut sizes in a variety of applications. Stamped aluminum sheet features include:

  • Naturally lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable material
  • High corrosion resistant material
  • Multifunctional material
  • Environmental friendly
  • Wide range of uses
  • Cost-effective material
Advantages Of Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Advantages Of Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Perforated Aluminum Sheet Applications

Perforated aluminium sheet reduce weight and reduce the passage of light, liquids, sound and air while providing a decorative or decorative effect. Perforated aluminum panels are corrosion resistant and are commonly used in interior and exterior design, HVAC, noise control, sunscreens, building exteriors, ceilings, furniture, shielding and fencing.

  • Gas and Liquid Filters
  • Mechanical shield
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor structures
  • Decorative surface
  • Architectural elements
  • Soundproofing Walls and Ceilings
  • Acoustic panels for sound control
  • Sun visor to control light
  • Privacy application
  • Air Diffusers for HVAC Equipment
Perforated Aluminum Sheet Ceiling

Perforated Aluminum Sheet Ceiling

Aluminum perforated sheet 3003

3003 aluminum alloy is the most widely used of all aluminum alloys.

Aluminum Perforated Sheet 3003 is a 3003 aluminum alloy metal sheet that has been stamped with a pattern.

It is basically commercial pure aluminum with the addition of manganese, which increases the strength by about 20% over 1100.

Aluminum Perforated Sheet 3003

Aluminum Perforated Sheet 3003

It has all the properties of 3003 alloy aluminum sheet, it has excellent corrosion resistance and machinability, it can be deep drawn or spun, welded or brazed.


  • Formability/Processability: Excellent
  • Weldability: Excellent
  • Machining: Good
  • Corrosion resistance: good
  • Heat Treatment: Poor

Physical Properties

  • Brinell hardness: 40
  • Poisson’s ratio: 0.33
  • Elastic Modulus: 10,000 ksi
  • Shear Modulus: 3,630 ksi
  • Shear Strength: 14,000 psi
  • Melting point: 1,190-1,210 F
  • Density: 0.1 lb/in 3
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 22,000 psi
  • Tensile Strength at Yield: 21,000 psi
  • Fatigue Strength: 9,000 psi

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