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3003-O Container Foil

How much is 3003 container foil price per ton?

When it comes to aluminum foil lunch boxes, everyone is no stranger. Aluminum foil lunch box is what we often call tin foil lunch box, which is made of aluminum, such as: flower nail powder, grilled fish, tin foil enoki mushroom, the containers used are all aluminum foil.

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1000 Series Aluminum Plate

1000 series aluminum plate material composition

1000 series aluminum plate material is a common material used to process various mechanical parts, the main alloy grades are 1050 aluminium sheet, 1060 aluminium sheet, 1100 aluminium sheet, 1235, etc.

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5052 Aluminum Plate

5052 aluminum plate is widely used, with strong anti-rust and corrosion resistance

From blank production to product, ensure the production of all assembly lines, which can avoid scratches and ensure the quality of the surface of the board.

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Difference Between Aluminum Veneer And Aluminum Composite Panel

What is the difference between aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel?

At present, aluminum veneer is used in aluminum curtain wall, interior decoration and lobby facade decoration.

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Aluminium Disc Application

What are the application fields of aluminium discs?

Aluminium discs are very common in our lives. Aluminium discs are used in can sealing, non-stick pan bottoms, traffic signs, lamp, etc.

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Aluminum Alloy Density Data Sheet

Aluminum Alloy Density Data Sheet

Aluminum is a light material. We usually record the density of aluminum as 2700kg/m3; there are many units to express the density of aluminum, such as kg/m3, g/cm3, lbs/m3, lbs/cm3, lb/in3;

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Tolerance Standards For Aluminum Alloy Plates And Strips

Tolerance standards for aluminum alloy plates and strips

This standard applies to the dimensional tolerances of wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy rolled plates and strips.

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4X8 Sheet Of 1/8 Inch Aluminum

4×8 sheet of 1/8 inch aluminum price

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. exports 30,000 tons of 4x8 aluminum sheets to foreign countries every year. The countries it exports to include Turkey, France, Poland, Colombia, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and so on.

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Packaged 1100 H112 Aluminum Sheet

How to get 1100 aluminum sheets

1100 aluminum is often called commercial pure aluminum, its aluminum content is 99.00%, and it is also the aluminum with the lowest hardness among the available aluminum alloy materials;

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3003 H14 Aluminum Sheet

Knowledge about tempering of aluminum plate

Tempering is a heat treatment process that is used to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys, including strength, hardness, and toughness.

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1060 Aluminum Sheet Plate

How much do you know about 1060 aluminum plate?

1060 aluminum plate is a popular 1000 series aluminum plate, 1060 represents the alloy model of the aluminum plate;

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Aluminum Sheet 5Mm Thick

Cost of aluminum sheet 5mm thick

The price of aluminum plate 5mm depends on the price of primary aluminum, exchange rate price, and processing cost (processing technology)

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