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1/8 aluminum sheet is often used in the manufacture of tanks and ships because of its strong hardness and corrosion resistance, etc.

1/8 aluminum sheet

  • Alloy: 1050、1060、1100、3003、3004、3104、3105、5005、5052、5083、6061,etc.
  • Thickness: 0.1-500mm customized.
  • Applications: It is often used in the manufacture of tanks and ships because of its strong hardness and corrosion resistance, etc.

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What Is 1/8 Aluminum Sheet?

1/8 aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1/8 inch, which can also be expressed as 1/8″ or 0.125″;

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Dispaly

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Dispaly

How much is 1/8 aluminum sheet converted to mm?
1 inch = 25.4 mm
1/8 inch = 3.175 mm

Other Called Of 1/8 Aluminum Sheet

  • 1/8 aluminum sheet
  • 1 8 aluminum sheet
  • 1/8″ aluminum sheet
  • 1/8 inch aluminum sheet
  • 18 aluminum sheet
  • 0.125″ aluminum sheet
  • 3.175 mm aluminum sheet

1/8″ Aluminum Sheet Alloy Model

1/8″ aluminum sheet only represents the aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1/8 inch. For alloy models, the common ones are 1050 1060 1100 3003 3004 3104 3105 5005 5052 5083 6061, etc.;
Different alloy models and 1/8 aluminum sheets with different annealing states have different properties, please order according to your needs;
1/8″ 5083 aluminum sheet is often used in the manufacture of tanks and ships because of its strong hardness and corrosion resistance;

5083 1/8 Aluminum Sheet

5083 1/8 Aluminum Sheet

3004 1/8 aluminum checker plate Due to its stronger hardness and good machinability than the 1000 series, it is often used in the pedals of automobiles and the production of metal stairs;

Common Sizes Of 1/8 Aluminum Sheet

1/8 aluminum sheet The most common sizes are 4×8 foot, 5×10 foot, 4×10 foot, 1000 x 2000 mm, 1000 x 1500 mm, 1500 x 3000 mm, 1500 x 2000mm, etc. We accept 1/8 aluminum in various sizes sheet customization (including ultra-wide sheets)

1/8″ aluminum sheet is used as a sheet, how many pieces are there in one ton of 1/8 aluminum sheet? Let’s calculate it together;

Let’s take the most widely used 4×8 foot 1/8″ aluminum sheet as an example, first we need to calculate the weight of each aluminum sheet;

4X8 Foot 1/8&Quot; Aluminum Sheet

4×8 Foot 1/8″ Aluminum Sheet

Weight = Volume x Density = Length x Width x Thickness x Density
Length = 8foot = 2438mm = 243.8cm
Width = 4foot = 1219mm = 121.9cm
Thickness = 1/8″ = 3.175mm = 0.3175cm
Density = 2.7g/cm³
Weight = 243.8cm*121.9cm*0.3175cm*2.7g/cm³ = 25476.8g = 25.4768kg ≈ 25.5kg

1000kg/25.5kg = 39.2 ≈ 39 pieces

Therefore, there are 39 pieces of 4×8 foot 1/8″ aluminum sheet per ton. If you need 1/8″ aluminum sheet, you can clearly calculate how many tons you need, which is convenient for you to place an order;

The Usages Of 1/8″ Aluminum Sheet

1/8″ aluminum sheet can be widely used in many industries such as vehicles, ships, oil storage tanks, instrumentation, hardware products, molds, etc. Please refer to the article for the use of 3mm aluminum plate.

1/8 Inch Aluminum Sheet For Car

Aluminum plate and aluminum foil products that can be used in the automotive industry, including 5182 aluminum alloy plate, 5083 aluminum alloy plate, 5754 aluminum alloy plate, 5052 aluminum alloy plate of 5000 series aluminum plate; 6061 aluminum alloy plate and 6063 aluminum alloy plate are 6000 series aluminum alloy plate and 6082 aluminum alloy plate. Applications for these products include, but are not limited to, truck underframes, fuel tanks, passenger car bodies, body structures, and radiators. Good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, good process performance (easy extrusion), easy to oxidize and discolor.

1/8 Aluminum Sheet For Car

1/8 Aluminum Sheet For Car

1/8 Inch Aluminum Sheet For Boat

The aluminum plates for fishing boats mainly include 5052, 5083, 6061, and 6063, which are selected according to the size and applicable parts of the fishing boat. In general, 5052-H32, 5052-H34 or 6061-T6 are used for small hulls that do not require stretch forming.

1/8 Aluminum Sheet For Boat

1/8 Aluminum Sheet For Boat

Smaller boats use 5052 or 6061 alloy riveted construction, and larger fishing boats use 5086 all-welded construction. The most popular alloy for hulls is 5086-H32, which is 0.45 to 12.7 mm thick, and 5086 aluminum sheet is more expensive, but also much stronger than 5052.

Some fishing boats are made from 0.125″ thick 5052 H32 aluminum sheet and 6061-T6 shape. 6061 or 6063 aluminium alloy extruded profiles are used for structural and decorative components such as keels, roofs, gunwale and water jet rails.

1/8 Inch Aluminum Sheet Diffirent ALLOY And Usages

Aluminum Grade-Temper General Yield strength (psi) Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi) Workability Weldability
5052-H32 Marine grade. Most suited for forming operations,
very good corrosion resistance. Suitable for fresh water
and trailered boats.
28,000 33,000
12% elong.
Fair Good
(Interchangeable With:
H111 & H116)
Marine grade. The highest strength non-heat-treatable
aluminum alloy in commercial use. It retains excellent
tensile strength in the weld zone. Excellent corrosion
resistance. Suitable for salt water or fresh
33,000 46,000
16% elong.
Good Excellent
5086-H32 Marine grade. Medium to high strength
non-heat-treatable alloy. More formable than 5083.
Excellent corrosion resistance. Most often used to build
boat hulls (in addition to 5052 or 6061) due to stress
corrosion cracking resistance. Best alloy for salt water.
30,000 42,000
12% elong.
Excellent Good
6061-T6 Marine grade, often used as stiffeners to build boat
hulls and other components. The most often used
aluminum alloy for its strength, heat treatability,
workability and weldability.
40,000 45,000
17% elong.
Good Good
6063-T52 Softer and lower strength than 6061, good for forming,
high surface finish, excellent for anodizing.
Good for railings, gunnels etc. where forming is required
21,000 27,000 Good Good
6262-T6511 Used when significant machining is required,
it contains lead and bismuth to partially lubricate
the cutting tool. Good strength and corrosion resistance.
High surface finish possible.
27,600 31,900 Excellent Good

Table Source: 1/8 Aluminum Sheet

1/8 Inch Aluminum Sheet Oil Tank

5xxx series have excellent corrosion resistance and welding performance, and are widely used in ships, automobiles, railway transportation, petrochemical and other industries. Warwick can provide 5083, 5182, 5454 aluminum plates and so on. , suitable for oil tank body.

The aluminum plate commonly used in tank cars is generally less than 12.5 meters in length and less than 2.2 meters in width. Common thicknesses are generally 1/8 inch 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm. A complete tank usually requires 4-6 aluminum sheets.

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Oil Tank

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Oil Tank

583 aluminum plate is generally used for tanks, tanks and bulkheads of oil tankers, and the commonly used states are H111, H112, H116 and H32;

The tank body is made of 5083H111 aluminum plate, the lids on both sides need to be bent, and the 5083-O aluminum plate is used, which is softer after tempering, and the clapboard (breakwater) is tempered with 5083-O.

The oil tank truck made by our extra-wide and extra hard aluminum plate consumes little petrol.

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Surface Treatment Process

1/8 aluminum sheet needs different surface treatment in different usage scenarios. We can not only provide mirror treatment, embossing treatment, color coating treatment, anodizing, etc., but also provide 1/8 checker aluminum sheet. Customize your own needs, we will arrange production for you as soon as possible;

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Low Price Near Me

As China’s largest 1/8 aluminum sheet supplier, Huawei provides high-quality products with very competitive prices;
Our 1/8 aluminum sheet price is calculated based on raw material price + processing cost, please contact us for low price;

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Packaging And Shipping

Our 1/8 aluminum sheet will be covered with blue film according to the needs of customers, or divided into Sydney paper bedding;
Then use kraft paper to wrap and pack;
Finally, use wooden pallets to support;

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Packaging

1/8 Aluminum Sheet Packaging

The container is used for transportation, and part of the desiccant will be added during transportation to prevent oxidation of the aluminum plate;

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