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Compared with other alloy foils of series 1, such as 1060 and 1070 aluminum foils, the content of (Fe+Si) in 1100 aluminum foil is higher than both, and the content of Fe is the key factor to improve the strength and toughness

1100 aluminum foil

  • Thickness: 0.009-0.2mm
  • Width: 300mm-1650mm
  • Thickness tolerance: ± 5%.
  • Length tolerance: ± 5″.
  • Width and length tolerance: ±1/16″.
  • Tempering: HO / H22 / H24/ H18 etc.

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1100 Aluminum Foil Description

1100 aluminum foil belongs to the 1000 series aluminum foil, and its aluminum content is more than 99.00%. It is an ordinary industrial pure aluminum foil.

1100 aluminum foil is a very important product in economic development and people’s daily life. It has many excellent properties such as good formability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and certain ductility, and is favored by many customers at home and abroad.

Huawei Aluminum has been engaged in the processing of aluminum foil raw materials for various purposes for many years. The aluminum foil production experience is rich, and the product qualification rate is high. Welcome to buy!

Aluminum Foil 1100

aluminum foil 1100

1100 Aluminum Foil Specifications

  • Thickness: 0.009-0.2mm
  • Width: 300mm-1650mm
  • Thickness tolerance: ± 5%.
  • Length tolerance: ± 5″.
  • Width and length tolerance: ±1/16″.
  • Tempering: HO / H22 / H24/ H18 etc.

1100 aluminum foil price

1100 aluminum alloy foil retains the advantages of simple production process of 1 series aluminum foil, and the price of 1100 aluminum foil is also cheaper than other aluminum alloys.

Of course, the specific price fluctuates every day, which is closely related to the price of the aluminum ingot that day, and also related to the thickness

If you want to know more about the price, please contact us, we accept customer’s specification customization, you tell us the thickness, width, length you need, such as 1100 aluminum foil (O) .003″ thick x 48″ wide x 100 feet long roll, Our sales staff will promptly provide the same day’s quotation

1100 Aluminum Foil

1100 aluminum foil

1100 Foil Datasheet

chemical composition

chemical composition of 1100 Aluminum Foil

Elements Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Al
Content(%) 0.95 0.05-0.2 0.05 0.1 99.00

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties of 1100 Aluminum Foil

Tensile strength σb (MPa) Yield strengt σ0.2 (MPa) Elongation δ16 (%)
≥95 ≥50 ≥9

Why is the strength and toughness of 1100 aluminium foil better than 1060 and 1070?

1100 aluminum foil has good formability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and certain strength.

From the above two tables, it is not difficult to see that compared with other alloy foils of series 1, such as 1060 and 1070 aluminum foils, the content of (Fe+Si) in 1100 aluminum foil is higher than both, and the content of Fe is the key factor to improve the strength and toughness of aluminum foil.

Therefore, the strength and toughness of 1100 aluminum foil are further improved on the basis of other alloy foils containing more than 99.00% aluminum.

1100 0 Aluminum

1100 0 aluminum

Performance characteristics of 1100 aluminum foil

1. Mechanical properties: tensile strength B (MPA): ≥95; elongation: 50mm: ≥9; conditional yield strength 0.2 (MPA): ≥50

2. Not heat-treated, with certain strength and good ductility, weldability, formability and corrosion resistance. After anodizing, corrosion resistance can be further improved and an aesthetically pleasing surface can be obtained.

3. High plasticity and corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, drying resistance, leakage resistance and volatilization resistance.

4. Aluminum foil has high hardness and high tensile strength, but low tear strength and easy to tear.

5. Can be processed, extended and bent under various pressures

6, suitable for gas welding, hydrogen welding, resistance welding and other welding

1100 0 Aluminum Properties

1100 0 aluminum properties

1100 aluminum foil application:

1. Household use:

Aluminum foil is a popular material in life, such as storing food, making barbecue, etc.

2. Packaging materials:

1100 aluminum foil can be compounded with other materials and is a common packaging material.

The surface printing effect of aluminum foil is better than that of other materials, and it has good heat sealing performance, strong barrier property, and meets the aluminum standard for food. It can be made into various aluminum foil packaging bags to package various foods.

3. Insulation and heat exchange:

Aluminum foil has a reflectivity of 88% and is widely used for thermal insulation, heat exchange and cable lining.

1100 aluminum foil is used in air-conditioning fins, aluminum-plastic panels, cap coils, etc.

1100 8011 Aluminum Foil

1100 8011 aluminum foil

4. Electronics:

The foil in the capacitor provides a compact storage space for electric charge. If the foil surface is treated, the oxide coating acts as an insulator. Foil capacitors are commonly found in electrical equipment, including televisions and computers.

Compared with ordinary electronic tags, electronic tags made of 1100 aluminum foil have a longer service life, are safer and more environmentally friendly, and are also high-quality raw materials for making electronic tags.

5. Art and decoration:

Aluminum foil is anodized to form an oxide layer on the aluminum surface, which can accept colored dyes or metal salts. Through this technique, aluminum is used to create inexpensive, brightly colored foils.

6. Packaging of the container:

1100 aluminum foil is suitable for sealing containers of various materials such as PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, glass, etc., with anti-leakage, anti-deterioration, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, moisture-proof;

Aluminum foil production process

  1. Continuous casting
  2. Cold rolling
  3. Temper
  4. Aluminum foil raw material
  5. Aluminum Foil Casting Aluminum Foil Packaging

1100 Aluminum

Aluminum Foil Packaging

Surface quality and precautions of Huawei Aluminum 1100 aluminum foil

1. The surface is clean, bright in appearance, uniform in color, no spots, flat and no pinholes.

2. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic.

3. Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture resistance and tear resistance.

4. Pay attention to moisture-proof and avoid oxidation during transportation.

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