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Black aluminum foil

  • Alloy: 1050,1060,1100,3003,3004,8011
  • Temper: O, H
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 0.006-0.05mm
  • Width: 200 – 1840mm
  • Length: 2000 – 8000m
  • Supplier:Hw Alu Factory

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What is black aluminum foil?

Black aluminum foil is an aluminum foil material that has been specially treated to give it a black or dark gray appearance. Aluminum foil itself has a silvery white luster that can be turned black by applying one or more special coatings, oxidants, or dyes to its surface.

Black Aluminum Foil

Black Aluminium Foil

Aluminum foil color type

Huawei Aluminum is able to supply aluminum foil in a variety of colors besides black.

Brown Aluminum Foil Copper aluminum foil Dark green aluminum foil
Pink aluminum foil Lime green aluminum foil Blue aluminum foil
White aluminum foil Red aluminum foil Gold aluminum foil

Black aluminium foil cooking

Aluminum foil is a good packaging material and is widely used in food cooking and packaging. Black aluminium foil helps absorb more heat from the oven or grill, allowing food to mature faster.

Structure of black aluminum foil

Black aluminium foil is coated with black or dark material on one side.

Black Aluminium Foil Structure

Black Aluminium Foil Structure

The structure of black color aluminum foil roll usually consists of multiple layers, with the outermost layer being a black or dark coating applied to one side of standard aluminum foil, while the other side remains aluminum. This black coating gives black aluminum foil unique properties, such as heat absorption and reduced reflectivity.

Black aluminium foil structural features

Base Layer: At the core of black colour aluminum foil is a layer of standard aluminum foil. This aluminum foil layer is usually thin and lightweight.

Black coating: A black coating is applied to one side of the aluminum foil and is usually made from materials such as black pigments, dyes, or other heat-absorbing substances.

Adhesive layer: In some cases, an adhesive layer can be added to ensure that the black coating adheres well to the foil substrate.

Release Lining: In certain applications, such as craft or labeling, a release liner can be added to protect the adhesive side of the black aluminum foil. when

Depending on the application scenario, the structure of the black color aluminum foil will also be different.

Black aluminum foil alloy specifications

Black aluminium foil is usually made from regular aluminum foil coated on one side with a black or dark material. Commonly used aluminum foil alloys are usually 1000 series, 3000 series or 8000 series.

Alloy Series Common grade
1000 series 1050,1060,1100
3000 series 3003,3004,3105
8000 series 8011,8021,8079

Black aluminium foil where to buy?

Where can I buy black aluminium foil? Hw-Alu factory has more than ten years of experience in aluminum foil production. It can provide twenty colors of anodized aluminum foil, color-coated aluminum foil, and black aluminum foil. It is one of the main colored aluminum foils produced by Hw-Alu Factory. We can provide you with integrated The procurement planning department saves you costs.

Application of black aluminum foil

Black aluminum foil has good properties of absorbing heat and reducing reflectivity and has many applications. Some common applications of black aluminum foil include:

1. Black aluminum foil for cooking and grilling: black anodized aluminum foil is often used for cooking and grilling to enhance the cooking process. Its black surface absorbs heat and helps cook food more evenly and efficiently.

2. Black color aluminum foil for food packaging: In the food industry, black aluminum foils can help block light and maintain the freshness and quality of light-sensitive items such as coffee, spices and some specialty foods.

3. Black aluminum foil for arts and crafts: The unique color and texture of black aluminium foil can add visual interest.

4. Black aluminum foil for electronics: Black aluminium foil can be used to wrap cables, wires and electronic components to block or reduce electromagnetic interference.

5. Aluminum foil black for decorative applications: Black aluminum foil can be used for decoration in interior design and construction projects.

Black aluminum foil tape

Black aluminum foil tape is a tape made of black foil. It consists of a flexible backing material made of aluminum black foil. It is one of the common applications of black foil. The foil is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side for use in different environments.

Black Aluminum Foil Tape

Black Aluminium Foil Tape


Black aluminium foil density

Aluminum foil black is mainly composed of aluminum alloy, so the density of black aluminum foil is close to that of pure aluminum, which is 2.7g/cm³, 2.7x10kg/m³. The overall weight is light and easy to use.

Click learn more about aluminum density.

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