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Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon The most common 8011 alloy O Temper, because of excellent strength, flexibility, and heat resistance, Henan Huawei provides you with the best quality 8011-0 aluminum foil for hair salon.

Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon

  • Name: Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon
  • Alloy: 8011
  • Temper: O
  • Thickness: 15-20 microns
  • Width: 10-20 cm

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Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon

Aluminum foil is commonly used in hair salons for various hair treatments, including highlights, lowlights, and hair coloring. It helps in isolating sections of hair and creating a barrier between the treated and untreated hair. This ensures that the color or bleach is applied precisely to the desired areas and prevents overlapping or bleeding of the products.

Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon

Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon

Here’s how aluminum foil is typically used in a hair salon:

  • Sectioning: The hairstylist divides the hair into smaller sections to work on them individually. This allows for better control and precise application of color or bleach.
  • Application: The stylist applies the hair dye or bleach to the desired sections of hair using a brush or applicator. The hair is then wrapped in aluminum foil to separate it from the rest of the hair.
  • Folding and sealing: The foil is folded over the treated section of hair, creating a tight packet. This helps to keep the product in place and prevents it from coming into contact with other sections of hair.
  • Processing: The hair is left to process according to the instructions of the hair dye or bleach being used. The aluminum foil helps to trap heat and aids in the development of the color or lightening process.
  • Rinse and removal: Once the processing time is complete, the foils are carefully removed, and the hair is rinsed to remove the color or bleach. The stylist then proceeds with any additional styling or treatments as required.
Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon Use Process

Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon Use Process

Using aluminum foil in the hair salon allows for precise application and control over the hair coloring process. It also helps to minimize damage to the surrounding hair and ensures a clean and professional result.

It’s important to note that when using aluminum foil for hair treatments, it’s essential to use salon-grade foil specifically designed for this purpose. Regular household aluminum foil may not be suitable as it can be too thin and tear easily. Salon-grade foil is thicker and more durable, making it easier to work with and providing better protection for the hair.

What alloy of aluminum foil is uesd for Hair Salon

In the context of hair salons, the most commonly used aluminum foil for hair frizz is typically made from a specific alloy known as 8011 aluminum alloy. This alloy is specifically designed for food and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as hair salon applications.

8011 aluminum alloy is known for its excellent strength, flexibility, and heat resistance, which makes it suitable for use in hair salons. It can withstand the heat generated during hair coloring processes and maintains its integrity without tearing or melting easily. Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to fold and maneuver, allowing hairstylists to work with it comfortably.

The 8011 aluminum foil used in hair salons is typically coated with a thin layer of protective material, such as a non-toxic polymer or wax, to enhance its performance and prevent direct contact between the aluminum and the hair. This coating helps to prevent chemical reactions between the aluminum and the hair products and ensures a safe and effective hair treatment process.

It’s worth noting that while 8011 aluminum alloy is the most commonly used, there may be other aluminum alloys or specialized foils available in the market specifically marketed for hair salon use. It’s always a good idea to consult with your supplier or check the product specifications to ensure you are using the appropriate aluminum foil for your salon’s needs.

Specifiction Of Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon

Specification Value
Alloy 8011
Thickness 15-20 microns
Width 10-20 centimeters
Length Custom
Coating Material Non-toxic polymer or wax coating
Heat Resistance Up to 300°C
Strength High
Flexibility Excellent
Tear Resistance High
Lightweight Yes
Suitable for Highlights, lowlights, hair coloring, and other hair treatments

Where to buy aluminum foil for hair salon

First of all, China is a big country in the production and export of aluminum foil. Every year, a large amount of aluminum foil is produced in China and exported to all over the world.

Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon Packaging

Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon Packaging

As an excellent aluminum foil producer, Huawei Aluminum exports 8,000 tons per year, and our aluminum foil is sold to 72 countries around the world.

The following are the countries to which our products are exported:

Some Countries we export to

Continents Countries
Asia Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia,Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Philippines,China Taiwan, Egypt, Singapore, Pakistan, Israel, Qatar, Jordan, Iran, China Hong Kong, Oman, Iraq, Brunei, Algeria, etc.
South America Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, etc.
Europe Turkey, France, Italy, U.K., Poland, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Czech, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, etc.
North America Dominican, El Salvador, U.S., Canada, etc.
Africa Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Djibouti, Kenya, Morocco, Ethiopia, Gabon, Tanzania, Mozambique, etc.
Oceania Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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