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Cigarette aluminum foil has properties such as moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, and heat insulation. It is mainly used to protect the quality of cigarettes and maintain the humidity of cigarettes.

Cigarette aluminum foil

  • Alloy: 1235
  • Temper: O
  • Thickness: 6μm, 6.5μm, 7μm
  • Processing method: composite paper, embossing, coloring
  • Colors: Common silver, gold,customized
  • Applications: Cigarette lining with aluminum foil paper

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Introduction to cigarette aluminum foil

Cigarette aluminum foil refers to the aluminum foil paper used in the cigarette packaging process. It is generally composed of 6-7μm aluminum foil and paper.

Cigarette aluminum foil has properties such as moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, and heat insulation. It is mainly used to protect the quality of cigarettes and maintain the humidity of cigarettes. The surface of aluminum foil is usually coated with a coating to increase the paper’s flexibility and waterproof properties, but this coating is also usually odorless and will not affect the smell of cigarettes.

Cigarette Aluminum Foil

Cigarette Aluminum Foil

Common specifications of cigarette aluminum foil

Alloy 1235/8011
Tempering O
Thickness 6μm, 6.5μm, 7μm
Processing method Composite paper, Embossing, Coloring
Common colors silver, gold
Usage Cigarette lining with aluminum foil paper

The most commonly used alloy model for cigarette aluminum foil is 1235 aluminum foil, Temper O

Why use aluminum foil to pack cigarettes

Aluminum foil has several important functions and uses in cigarette packaging, which help maintain the quality of cigarettes and preserve their specific properties. Here are some of the main reasons for using aluminum foil to wrap cigarettes:

Cigarette Aluminum Foil Packaging

Cigarette Aluminum Foil Packaging

    • 1. Preservation performance: Aluminum foil is an excellent barrier material that can effectively isolate outside air, moisture and light, and prevent cigarettes from being affected by oxygen and moisture in the air. This helps maintain the freshness and taste of the cigarette.
    • 2. Protect cigarettes from odors: Aluminum foil can protect cigarettes from odors and pollutants in the surrounding environment, ensuring that cigarettes can maintain their unique taste.
    • 3. Prevents cigarettes from drying out: Aluminum foil packaging also helps prevent cigarettes from over-drying. Over-drying can cause the tobacco to lose some moisture, affecting its burning properties and taste. Aluminum foil helps maintain proper humidity levels by providing an effective moisture barrier.
    • 4. Protect against light sensitivity: Some chemicals in tobacco are sensitive to light and are easily changed by the influence of light. Aluminum foil prevents light from penetrating, protecting the cigarette from light damage.

Common question about aluminum foil for cigarette

1. Is the cigarette box paper tinfoil or aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil paper is a composite of aluminum foil and paper. It is non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof and light-proof. It is the best choice for cigarette packaging.

2. Where can I buy cigarette aluminum foil?

Huawei Aluminum has been specializing in the production of aluminum foil for 22 years, providing 0.006-0.2mm aluminum foil and customer customized services.

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