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Heavy duty aluminum foil provides extra strength and tear resistance. Many cooks use it for baking, grilling, and storage. Most foil rolls marked "heavy duty" are between 0.0008" and 0.001" thick, which is roughly 0.02032-0.0254mm in national units

Heavy duty aluminum foil 8011 1235

  • Thickness: 0.020mm – 0.025mm
  • Width: 10mm – 1340mm
  • Inner diameter: 76mm / 152mm
  • Alloy: 1000, 3000, 8000 series etc
  • Alu temper: soft O – H112 etc
  • Technology: hot rolled ( DC ), cold rolling ( CC ), cast
  • Standard: ASTM B209, GB/T 3880, EN AW etc
  • Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
    OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

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Where to Buy Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil?

For almost all professional knowledge and questions about heavy-duty aluminum foil, you can consult our production engineers of Huawei Aluminum.

We are from Henan, China and have a huge aluminum foil production plant.

You can place an order by chatting online, leaving a message or by phone. We promise reasonable prices for your heavy duty aluminum foil orders.

Feedback and compliments from customers all over the world

  • This product is more durable and more affordable than store-bought single rolls.
  • I’m a jumbo aluminum foil user, for grilling etc. This is great heavy duty foil.
  • Great for lining pots. Super durable and thick to prevent messes/tears.
  • I love this brand and have used it for as long as I can remember for baking, wrapping, covering, keeping it fresh

Reliable heavy duty aluminium foil large roll producer and wholesaler

Huawei Aluminum provides the most reliable heavy duty aluminum foil large rolls, and we are constantly striving to provide you with high-quality products that meet your needs.

We are also committed to bio-sustainability for our environment, ensuring that our heavy duty foils are easy to recycle after use, as our commercial grade foils are of high quality.

We are a reliable wholesaler of large rolls of heavy duty aluminium foil, available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths. We can customize the thickness of aluminum foil you need, and the price is very good.

If you need retail purchases, purchasing at your local store or logging in to Amazon is a better option.

Bulk Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

bulk heavy duty aluminum foil

What is the thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil?

Heavy duty foil provides extra strength and tear resistance. Many cooks use it for baking, grilling, and storage.

Most foil rolls marked “heavy duty” are between 0.0008″ and 0.001″ thick, which is roughly 0.02032-0.0254mm in national units

What Is The Thickness Of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

What is the thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil

The difference between regular aluminum foil, heavy-duty aluminum foil, and extra heavy aluminum foil


Regular or all-purpose foil is suitable for lightweight food packaging in the kitchen, food delivery and refrigeration.

Heavy duty foil provides stronger grades for commercial use. It can be used to heat in the oven and is perfect for wrapping bulky items.

Extra heavy duty foil has the thickest foil rating and is ideal for wrapping meat around bones, covering large dishes for baking, and for long-term freezer storage.

Aluminum Foil Factory

Wrinkled aluminium next to large aluminium foil roll in Factory


Regular, heavy or extra heavy duty foils are all made of the same material, the only difference is the thickness of the foil.

Most manufacturers use terms like standard duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty to describe foil thickness.

Aluminum foil thickness table

Type inch mm
standard aluminum foil 0.0004 – 0.0007 0.01016 – 0.01778
heavy duty aluminum Foil 0.0008 – 0.001 0.02032 – 0.0254
extra heavy duty aluminum foil 0.0011 – 0.0016 0.02794 – 0.04064

First, let’s understand how to measure aluminum foil to get its foil thickness. The thickness of aluminum foil is usually measured in mils (mils), which is the European unit of measurement and currently tends to be replaced by the international unit of measurement.

A mil is one thousandth of an inch, which is 0.001 numerically. So convert it to national unit

1 inch = 2.54 cm = 25.4 mm = 1000 * 25.4 microns

Below are the terms used by manufacturers and their corresponding thicknesses.

Standard or General Purpose Aluminum Foil – It is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 0.7 mils.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil – It is considered the most common type of aluminum foil used for commercial and domestic use. Foil provides extra strength and tear resistance for grilling, baking and storage. It is available in thicknesses from 0.8 to 1 mil.

Extra Heavy Duty Foil – The foil is stiffer in thickness and has excellent tear resistance, making it ideal for extra heavy duty use. It is between 1.1 and 1.6 mils thick. Anything beyond this thickness is custom.

Aluminum Foil In Different Colors

Rolls of metal foil

What is heavy duty aluminum foil used for?

When you need extra strength and durability when cooking, heavy duty aluminum foil will come to your rescue.

  • Great for cooking, grilling and storage – Grill ribs with this extra strong kitchen foil, lined grill grill for easy cleanup, make sturdy foil packs to lock in moisture and flavor, or store leftovers
  • Heavy duty foil is a stronger, thicker foil, ideal for grilling that requires high quality performance, great for grilling meats, lining grill pans, and protecting from heat or freezing cold

Why can you put heavy duty aluminum foil in the oven or grill?

Aluminum foil is is a kitchen essential. Regular aluminum foil can be used to cover dishes, wrap sandwiches, and other foods stored in the refrigerator.

But when you really need to use foil for cooking. You need to use heavy duty aluminum foil, because normal aluminum foil is thinner than the heavy duty version, so it also cannot withstand high temperatures and heavy objects, and is prone to tearing or cracking

Due to the increased thickness, heavy duty aluminum foil can support heavy food or high heat cooking on the grill or oven, and it’s tough enough.

Aluminium Foil Big Roll

aluminium foil big roll

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