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1070 aluminum alloy belongs to the 1000 series pure aluminum with an aluminum content of 99.7%. It is widely used in electronics, electricity, construction, aerospace and other fields.

1070 Aluminum Alloy Sheet

  • Alloy: 1070
  • Temper: F、O、H14、H16、H18、H19、H22、H24、H26、H28、H111、H112、H114
  • Thickness: 0.1-500(mm)
  • Width: 20-2650(mm)
  • Length: 500-16000(mm)
  • Application: Radiators, charging piles, anti-corrosion insulation, protective nets for wires and cables, aluminum busbars, electronic products, oxidized materials, etc.

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A brief introduction to 1070 aluminum alloy

The main component of 1070 aluminum alloy is aluminum element, and its content is usually above 99.7%. Aluminum is a lightweight, cheap, corrosion-resistant metal with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.

1070 Aluminum Alloy Sheet

1070 Aluminum Alloy Sheet

1070 aluminum alloy is widely used in electronics, electricity, construction, aerospace and other fields, such as protective nets for wires and cables, wire cores and aircraft ventilation system parts and decorative parts.

The European standard is EN AW-1070

UNS number is A91070

EN chemical name is Al99.7

1070 aluminum alloy belongs to the 1000 series of pure aluminum. It is the same as 1050 aluminum alloy, 1060 aluminum alloy and 1100 aluminum alloy, and the aluminum content is more than 99%.

1070 aluminum alloy chemical composition

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Ni Other AL
1070 0.20 0.25 0.03 0.03 0.03 —— 0.07 0.03 —— 0.03 99.70

In addition to the aluminum element, 1070 aluminum alloy also contains a small amount of impurity elements. These impurity elements are mainly iron, silicon, manganese and copper.

Iron is the most important impurity element, usually containing less than 0.25%. The presence of iron will reduce the strength and plasticity of aluminum alloys, but can improve the corrosion resistance of the material.

The content of silicon is usually less than 0.20%. The presence of silicon can improve the strength and hardness of aluminum alloys.

1070 Aluminum Alloy Sheet

1070 Aluminum Alloy Sheet

The content of manganese is usually less than 0.03%. The presence of manganese can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys.

The copper content is usually less than 0.04%. The presence of copper can improve the strength and plasticity of aluminum alloys.

In addition to the above main components, 1070 aluminum alloy may also contain trace amounts of other elements, such as magnesium, zinc, titanium, chromium, etc. The content of these elements is very low, usually below 0.03%, and has little impact on the performance of the material.

Specifications of 1070 aluminum alloy

Alloy 1070 aluminum sheet
Temper F、O、H14、H16、H18、H19、H22、H24、H26、H28、H111、H112、H114, etc.
Thickness(mm) 0.1-500
Width(mm) 20-2650
Length(mm) 500-16000
Typical application Radiators, charging piles, anti-corrosion insulation, protective nets for wires and cables, aluminum busbars, electronic products, oxidized materials, etc.

1070 aluminum plate mechanical properties

Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥55

Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa): ≥15

Note: Longitudinal mechanical properties of rods at room temperature

Sample size: Rod diameter (square rod, hexagonal rod inscribed circle diameter) ≤ 150

Temper: Aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded rods (≤150mm, H112 status)

1070 hot rolled aluminum plate heat treatment process

  • 1. Complete annealing: heating to 390~430℃; depending on the effective thickness of the material, the holding time is 30~120min; cooling in the furnace to 300℃ at a speed of 30~50℃/h, and then air cooling
  • 2. Rapid annealing: heating at 350~370℃; depending on the effective thickness of the material, the holding time is 30~120min; air or water cooling
  • 3. Quenching and aging: quenching at 500~510℃, air cooling; artificial aging at 95~105℃, 3h, air cooling; natural aging at room temperature for 120h

Mechanical properties of 1070 aluminum alloy at different temper

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) tensile strength(Mpa) Elongation(%)
National standard Internal control
1070 O >0.2-0.3 55-95 55-95 ≥15
>0.3-0.5 ≥20
>0.5-0.8 ≥25
>0.8-1.3 ≥30
>1.3-4.5 ≥35
H22 >0.2-0.5 10-100 100-125 ≥12
>0.5-1.0 ≥15
>1.0-4.5 ≥18
H24 >0.2-0.5 85-120 120-150 ≥6
>0.5-1.0 ≥8
>1.0-4.5 ≥10
H26 >0.2-0.5 110-155 140-170 ≥2
>0.5-1.0 ≥4
>1.0-4.5 ≥6
H18 >0.2-0.5 ≥120 ≥170 ≥2
>0.5-1.0 ≥3
>1.0-5.5 ≥4

1070 aluminum alloy performance advantages

  • 1. 1070 aluminum plate is industrial pure aluminum with low density, high plasticity and corrosion resistance;
  • 2. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;
  • 3. Can perform gas welding, argon arc welding and spot welding.
  • 4. Less impurities, which improves the continuity and corrosion resistance of the oxide film on the aluminum surface.
  • 5. Corrosion-resistant, acceptable for contact welding and gas welding.
  • 6. It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. The strength can be improved through cold deformation. The only form of heat treatment is annealing.
  • 7. Long service life, low cost, and high recycling value.

1070 aluminum plate packaging and delivery

  • 1. Clamp paper or film on the aluminum plate to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is intact and without scratches;
  • 2. Plastic or kraft paper packaging is used to prevent moisture and rain, ensuring that the aluminum plates are clean and free of dirt during transportation (each package has a moisture-proof desiccant to ensure the product quality of our products in East and South China, where there is more rain);
  • 3. Install wooden pallets and reinforce them with steel strips to avoid collisions during transportation and ensure that the geometric shape of the aluminum plate remains unchanged;
  • 4. Export products are packaged in wooden boxes and pallets with fumigation marks;
  • 5. Packaging according to other packaging requirements of customers;

1070 aluminum alloy applications

1070 aluminum is used in many different industries due to its versatility; some common uses include automotive parts such as bumpers and wheels; aircraft parts such as fuselage frames; marine parts such as boat hulls; industrial fasteners such as bolts; Food containers; medical equipment; sporting goods and more!

1070 Aluminum Sheet For Car

1070 Aluminum Sheet For Car

Car parts

1070 aluminum is popular for automotive parts due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, low cost, and corrosion resistance. It can make engine blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and other parts that require strength and durability. Additionally, due to its lightweight properties, aluminum 1070 is often used in the manufacture of wheels.

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Building applications

Alloy 1070 is also widely used in construction applications such as window frames, door frames, curtain walls and roof panels. Its light weight makes it easy to install and transport, while its corrosion resistance ensures it will last for many years without maintenance or repairs. In addition, AL1070 has excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to keep buildings cool in hot weather.

1070 Aluminum Alloy Sheet For Building

Electrical components

Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, 1070 aluminum is commonly used in the manufacture of electrical components such as switches and circuit breakers. The metal’s low cost makes it a popular choice for large projects, such as power lines and transmission towers that require hundreds or thousands of components. Because UNS A91070 can absorb light efficiently, it can also be used to build solar cells for photovoltaic systems.

Food processing equipment

Alloy AL 1070 is commonly used in the manufacture of food processing equipment such as conveyor belts and cookware due to its non-toxic properties and ability to resist corrosion from acids such as vinegar or lemon juice. The metal is lightweight and can also be easily moved around large factories or warehouses where food processing is frequent.

Marine applications

Aluminum A91070 has excellent resistance to salt water corrosion, making it ideal for marine applications such as boat hulls and propellers. The metal’s strength-to-weight ratio also makes it ideal for ship masts, which must be lightweight yet strong enough to support sails in rough seas. Additionally, AL Alloy 1070 can be polished easily, making it ideal for luxury yachts where aesthetics are of paramount importance.

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