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coated aluminum foil

  • Alloy: 1050,1100,3003,3004,5052,6061,8011,8021
  • Temper: O, H
  • Color: Black,Red,Blue,White,Green
  • Thickness: 0.015-0.3mm
  • Width: 200 – 1300mm
  • Length: 2000 – 8000m
  • Supplier:Hw Alu Factory

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What is coated aluminum foil?

Coated aluminum foil is aluminum foil coated with certain materials to enhance its performance or provide additional functions. It is a composite aluminum foil. Aluminum foil coatings are typically applied to one or both sides of aluminum foil and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Coated Aluminum Foil

Coated Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil coated application classification

Coated aluminum foil is classified into two categories in terms of application: 1. Industrial use  2. Food use

Common industrial uses building materials decoration, ventilation ducts in HVAC projects, thermal insulation materials (phenolic boards), etc.
Coated lunch boxes for food Coated lunch boxes for food, coated aluminum foil food packaging materials, etc.

Product Specifications of Coated Aluminum Foil

Product Temper Thickness Width
Coated aluminium foil Hard 0.015-0.3mm 1300mm(max)
O 0.04-0.3mm 1300mm(max)

Applications of coated aluminum foil

Coated aluminum foil for thermal insulation: Coated aluminum foil has a heat-resistant coating that helps reflect and block heat, making it useful for building insulation, packaging, or as a barrier in automotive applications.

Aluminum foil coating for packaging: Some aluminum foils are coated to increase the foil’s resistance to moisture, oxygen or other environmental factors, making them suitable for packaging food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive products.

Aluminum coated foil is used in laminates: Aluminum foil is coated and then laminated with other materials such as paper, plastic or fabric to form composite materials with unique properties.

Color Coated Aluminum Foil

Color Coated Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil coating for decoration: Coated aluminum foil can be used for decorative purposes in crafts, art projects, and in gift or specialty product packaging.

Color coated aluminum foil for adhesive backing: Coated aluminum foil with adhesive backing can be used in various applications such as tapes, labels and stickers.

Coated aluminum foil alloy

HWALU can provide 1000-8000 series of aluminum alloy raw materials and produce coated aluminum foil in various specifications.

Alloy Series Grade
1xxx serires 1050 1060 1070  1100  1235
3xxx serires 3003 3004
5xxx serires 5052  5082 5083 5086
6xxx serires 6061 6063 6082
8xxx serires 8011 8021 8089

Coated aluminum foil production process:

The production process for aluminum coated foil can vary depending on the type of coating required and the end use. A general process is as follows.
Uncoiling → Pretreatment (First pickling → Second pickling → Third pickling → Water washing → First drying → Passivation treatment → Second drying) → Roller coating → Third Drying→Winding

Huawei Aluminum will roll the processed coated aluminum foil to the required roll size, or cut it into the required sheet size to meet customer needs.

Passivation treatment method of aluminum foil coated

The passivation treatment of aluminum foil involves three processing methods:
1. (Industrial use) Hexavalent chromium,
2. (for food) trivalent chromium,
3. Silane treatment.

Aluminum foil coating material classification:

1. Oily material processing   2. Water-based material processing

Oily materials E PVDF HDPE epoxy varnish, etc.
Water-based materials Hydrophilic layer

Color coating thickness requirements:

1. For polyester, the single coating thickness of the front topcoat is 16-18 microns. The double coating is primer and topcoat 10+15 microns. Apply it twice. Polyester is 8-10 microns, and the back paint is more commonly used.

2. Fluorocarbon is double-coated with 25 micron primer and topcoat of 10+15 μm. There are other common coating thicknesses: 35 micron (10+15+10 micron). The top layer is varnish, fluorocarbon. The primer is polyurethane and the topcoat is fluorocarbon.

3. Back paint is based on customer requirements: polyester and epoxy varnish, off-white or transparent

Aluminum Foil Coated

Aluminium Foil Coated

Coated aluminum foil features

Coated aluminium foil has a variety of properties and advantages, and the properties will vary depending on the coating structure.

1. Thermal insulation: Coated alloy aluminum foil can reflect and block heat, making it an effective thermal insulation in buildings, HVAC systems and automotive applications.

2. Moisture-proof: Coated foil can provide a moisture-proof layer, making it suitable for packaging food, pharmaceuticals and other products that need to be protected from moisture and moisture.

3. Corrosion resistance: Some coatings enhance the corrosion resistance and chemical exposure resistance of aluminum foil, increasing its service life.

4. UV resistance: Aluminum foil coating can make the foil resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is beneficial for outdoor and long-term exposure applications.

5. Strong adhesion: The coating can enhance the adhesion of inks, adhesives and other materials to the foil surface.

6. Easy to print: The coating can make the foil surface suitable for high-quality printing, allowing for branding and label customization.

7. Lightweight and Durable: The aluminum foil itself is lightweight but strong, and the coating adds specific functionality without significantly increasing weight.

Coating aluminum foil density

The density of aluminum alloy coated aluminium foil is close to that of pure aluminum alloy, about 2.7×10³kg/m³ (2.7g/cm³)

Learn more: aluminum alloy density

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